About the band
Bailey Hill Revival
one band under God
Bailey Hill Revival is the house band of
Bluff Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Smith,
Arkansas.  Its membership is flexible, depending
on who is available at any given time.  The most
important part is dedication to the Lord and to

Bailey Hill Revival's style varies from the morning
service to the evening service.  The morning service
is more traditional, whereas at the evening service,
just about anything goes.  The main leaning is toward
Country and Bluegrass, but more contemporary music
is also on the menu from time to time. 

Regulars in the band include Bobby (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Sandra (electric bass, vocals), Jodie (banjo, drums), Robert (harmonica, vocals, drums), Jason (lead guitar, vocals),  Miss Billie (Clavinova, vocals), Kathleen (flute, clarinet), Jodie (banjo, mandolin, dobro), Corey (fiddle, dobro, mandolin, guitar, and just about anything he wants to play), and Marion (fiddle, guitar, vocals). 
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